Don’t Let a Renovation Ruin a Marriage

One of the reasons we’re all so into real estate reality TV is that it really brings the drama. Who among us hasn’t wanted to (temporarily) kill their spouse when remodeling their home? What parents haven’t had their entire house overtaken by toys? If these conundrums sound uncomfortably familiar—and you want some advice on how to survive—check out this week’s worth of real estate reality TV and the hard-won lessons within.

‘House Hunters Renovation’

This “House Hunters” spinoff differs from the original in that each episode runs a full hour, and buyers not only look at three houses and then pick one, they renovate it as well. In the first episode of the new season, an Austin couple who have been married only four days decide to remodel a small condo, but disagreements abound. Diana wants to stick to the budget, and Sean wants to splurge on all the bells and whistles. Their tastes and priorities are so astronomically different, you wonder how they ever decided to get married at all.

Lesson learned: Remodeling can severely stress a marriage, but calling in a third party can help. The couple brought in designer Courtney Blanton of Courtney Blanton Interiors to mediate. She presented them with beautiful options they never would have come up with on their own. The end result is stunning, and their marriage survived.

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