Temecula makes to Top 10 Dog Friendly American Cities

Temecula – The charming town in the heart of Southern California’s leading wine region is increasingly known as a pet-friendly destination ranks #2.
In America, 54.4 million households (44%) own at least one dog, according to the 2015–2016 American Pet Products Association survey, handily beating the share of cat-owning households (35%). Ha! Take that, cat people! Overall, Americans are sparing no expense for their beloved animal companions. Spending on pets more than doubled from 2001 to 2015, going from $28.5 billion to $60.28 billion, according to the APPA. So making sure you have the very best for your dog—space to run, grass to sniff, and lots of other nice dogs to play with—is a major factor for many of us in determining where we’ll live. And it turns out, some cities are just better for having a dog. This week, the realtor.com®data team is sniffing out 10 of the country’s best cities for your tail-wagging friends – read more.