Want to Buy a Home in #SiliconValley for $25,000?

Want your own place in Silicon Valley for a mere $25,000? Then you should meet Robert Allen, an entrepreneur who’s retrofitted six vans with beds and kitchenettes. His target clientele? Google employees. This makes total sense: The tech behemoth, based in Mountain View, is justly famous for its amenities that encourage employees to linger in the office around the clock. With cafeterias dishing up a range of delicious free food throughout the day and top-notch exercise facilities where you can shower, who needs to go home for anything but sleep?

That’s where Allen’s vans come in. He initially rented the vans to travelers staying a night or two, via his site Go-Tel.net (not hotel—get it?). But his latest Craigslist ad woos cash-strapped Googlers with the following pitch: “Eat Google food, use their gym, and sleep in the van (CHEAP).” Read more.