Super Commuting Trends – Rent in Vegas, Commute to San Francisco, Save $1,124 a Month – While many are talking about the possibility of “super-commuting,” a growing number are already doing it. Manhattan alone had 59,000 super-commuting employees who lived in far-flung places from Philadelphia to Boston to Washington, DC. The ridiculously high rent in San Francisco has plenty of cash-strapped workers wondering: How far from my office do I really have to move to find an affordable place to live? Of course, the farther out you go, the longer it’ll take you to get to work—and this area already boasts the highest rate nationwide of 90-minute commutes—and that’s just one way, folks! That’s why one Reddit user was recently inspired to crunch the numbers on a new approach: Live in Las Vegas, then fly to work in San Francisco. And you’ll save $1,124 per month. Read more.