These tax mistakes allow IRS to audit you… FOREVER!

When you finish the annual drudgery and file your taxes, you’re done, right? Not hardly. Even if your identity hasn’t been stolen and you get a refund right away, you’re not really done. The IRS normally gets three years to audit. In some circumstances–for example where the issue involves offshore accounts–the IRS gets six years. Tax lawyers and accountants are used to monitoring this exposure, and so should you. Watch the calendar until you are clear of audit. So is the rule always either three years or six years? Surely your risk of audit eventually comes to an end! But in some cases, even though you filed and thought everything was in order, the statute of limitations never runs.
For example, if you don’t sign your return, it’s not considered a valid tax return. Alternatively, if you alter the penalties of perjury language, that too means the return doesn’t count. Of course, those may sound like tax protester moves. However, some well-meaning taxpayers just miss a form to end up in audit purgatory.
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