Serrano Heights Emergency Preparedness Meeting

Red Cross to present an Emergency Preparedness Plan for our Neighborhood! 

May 9th, Wednesday at 6:30pm
Serrano Park at Picnic Pavilion, 2349 Apache Creek Drive Way
Please RSVP at or email
Emergency preparedness pre-planning can help maintain a sense of control by providing residents with action plans. Learn how to function as a team to meet the neighborhood’s needs in a time of disaster. Learn what to do if the water supply is disrupted, electrical power is turned off and how to turn off the gas to your house in the event of a major earthquake. Remember, law enforcement officers can’t be everywhere at once-but you and your neighbors
can. Put that neighborhood “know-how” to work.
To learn more about what crime is happening in your neighborhood, and how to report suspicious activity and crime, come to our next meeting. You cannot help if you do not know what is going on. Learn about Free Home Security Inspections and tips on preventing crime in the neighborhood.
Report any suspicious activity by calling the Orange Police Department @ 714-744-7444, or 9-1-1 for any in progress crime or emergency.